Pathology & Pests Section Meeting - first announcement


Save the date!

We are pleased to announce that the upcoming meeting of the Pathology and Pests section will take place in Arras-France, from Sunday 3rd (welcome reception) to Wednesday 6th September 2023.

The conference programme will cover all aspects of potato diseases (epidemiology & management, pathogen diversity, detection, etc.), and will include a session on biocontrol and innovations in potato crop protection.

We would particularly like to encourage presentations on pests (wireworm, Colorado beetle, nematodes, etc..) which currently pose a real threat to potato crops due to factors including the removal of effective pesticides, climate change and changes in agricultural practices.

We propose to organise a trip to visit the Potato Europe exhibition ( in Tournai, Belgium (75 km from Arras city) on Thursday September 7th 2023, for those participants who wish to attend.

More information regarding registration, abstract submission, etc. to follow.

Please alert colleagues who are new to potato pathology and researchers working on potato  pests .

We look forward to seeing you in France in September 2023 !

Karima Bouchek, on behalf of the organising committee (inov3PT, INRAe-IGEPP, Arvalis)

Alison Lees, Chair EAPR Pathology & Pests Section.

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