The 4th Agronomy and Physiology Section meeting website is now open for registration !

Ljubljana, Slovenia



Main thematic:

" Climate changes and potato production: effects on the crop, from the crop and mitigation possibilities on GHG emissions "


The next meeting of the EAPR Agronomy and Physiology Section is organized by the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (KIS).

It will be held  in Ljubljana,  Slovenia, from Sunday June 30 to Wednesday July 3  2019

Information for the Section Meeting is now available through the following link: . At that page simply click on the "4th Agronomy and Physiology Section meeting" icon on the right side of the screen.

We look forward to seeing you in Slovenia!

Kindest regards,

Chair, Organising Committee - Peter Dolnicar, PhD

Local organising Committee: Peter Dolnicar, PhD, Antoaneta Kuhar PhD, Barbara Škrbina, Ivana Pantić

Chair, EAPR Agronomy and Physiology Section - Dr. ir. Jean-Pierre Goffart, CRA-W, Gembloux, Belgium

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