Joint meeting of the Agronomy & Physiology and the Post-Harvest sections

Villers Saint Christophe, France


The upcoming joint meeting for the Agronomy & Physiology and the Post-Harvest sections of the EAPR will take place in France, at the experimental centre of ARVALIS-Institut du végétal on 27-29 June 2023.

This joint meeting will be the occasion to make the link between the production in the field and the storage of the tubers on some transversal headlines like “climate change “and “energy saving”. Papers on remote sensing, crop modelling, tuber quality (skin finish, dormancy and physiological aging …), soil, water and storage management will be then particularly welcome.

It will be held in the new facilities of the main French technical location working on potatoes from field to storage with specific implementations on digital remote sensing for roots, plants and sprouts growth.

The joint meeting will conclude at the national field day of the technical institute with the possibility to share larger information with the different participants from the industry present on the event.

Please consider the final programme and register at this opportunity of scientific exchanges which will offer only a limited number of places!


To register and have more practical information, please go to this site. 


Idit GINZBERG                                                                             Andreas MEYER & Michel MARTIN

Agronomy & Physiology Chair                                                                              Post-Harvest Co-chairs

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