62nd EAPR Council Meeting

The 62nd EAPR council meeting was held in Mlochow, Poland, 18 - 19 january 2018. Attending the meeting was Jadwiga Śliwka (President), Catherine Chatot (Secretary), Kürt Demeulemeester (Vice-President), Vincent César (Treasurer), Håvard Eikemo (President-elect), Leah Tsror (Councillor in charge of the relation with the other Potato societies), Zsolt Polgar (Councillor), Ilze Skrabule (Councillor in charge of the relation with the Country representatives) and Michel Martin (former President). Several topics were discussed during the meeting, including the new website, membership issues and legal and finanicial matters. Michel Martin had a presentation with a summary from the 20th EAPR triennial conference in Versailles in July 2017, and we also got status reports for the two next triennial conferences in Poland and Norway.