Effect of Deep-Fat Frying on French Fries Quality of New Somatic Hybrid Potatoes


The present study aimed to investigate the culinary quality of French fries of two intraspecific hybrid lines (CN1 and CN2) compared to the commercial variety Spunta. The choice of frying times and temperature was based on the oil absorption and colourimetric measurements carried out in the preliminary frying test on the variety Spunta. The frying temperature of 180 °C for 5 and 7 min was selected. In this report, we focused on studying the effect of deep-fat frying at 180 °C on the different lines in order to assess their behaviour during the frying process. Colour changes were recorded at mentioned frying conditions using the parameters of redness a*, yellowness b* and clarity L*. Experimental data of moisture content, oil absorption and texture in potato French fries of different lines during frying were also investigated. Results showed that oil uptake remained almost stable in the fries of hybrids with the lowest content presented in the CN1 line. Moreover, the rigidity values of CN2 and CN1 fries were respectively 2- and threefold higher than in Spunta fries for both frying times, leading to more crispy French fries. In addition, French fries of hybrids exhibited the lowest moisture levels, which may prolong the shelf-life of fried potatoes and their conservation.